Monday, August 16, 2010

Naomi Campbell Blood Diamonds And All

Ever asked yourself how Naomi Campbell, who's 40 still manages to look this stunning...if you thought i was gonna go all deep and talk about her hand in the whole blood diamonds thing, well you were wrong i'm just gushing about the supermodel's fabulosity at a ripe age...Ok perhaps i need to delve even a little on the blodd diamond trial against Charles Taylor, former leader of Sierra Leone (i'm glad i can actually spell that) accused of using blood diamonds to fund early 90's civil war in the country...he apparently gave Naomi some uncut stones, woot woot, back in 97 when they had been at a dinner party at Nelson Mandela's house, but she opted not to keep them and gave them away to a charity, so I dont know what else is expected of her....she is clean people and with a body like that wouldnt you also wanna throw stones at her?

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