Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Levi's Stripped Espadrilles

Summer is in the offing, even though Cape Town weather doesn't seem to be showing signs yet, judging from the cold, wet and windy weekend we just had, well anyway the shops are already all stocked up with summer gear. This weekend i was at the V&A Waterfrront and decided to walk into Markham, gasp, yes me, walked into Markham; I've realised recently that they've changed things up and have started following current trends or at least trying. Not so long ago I bounght a waitcost from them, and it was very well made, this made me start paying attention to their stock. So while in there I noticed they were doing a lot of espadrilles, and these featured (by Levi's) were my favorite, as far as espadrilles go:P Now I'm toying with the idea of perhaps buying them... anyway to those who don't know, espadrilles are casual fashion sandals originating from the Pyrenees. They usually have a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole made of rope or rubber material moulded to look like rope. The jute rope sole is the defining characteristic of an espadrille; the uppers vary widely in style. In Quebec French, however, espadrille is the usual term for running shoes..hehe


  1. They are so summer, buy them!

  2. Yes! Definitely geddum. I'm gonna get a pair too and I'll give you no credit when people ask where I got the inspiration from. ^_^