Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 2010 !!!!!

So its a new year, I hope everyone had a great festive season - and didnt torture themselves too much about making unrealistic and dare I say completely unnecessary resolutions...i dont get why people can't just make the changes they wanna make in their lives and always wait for New Years Eve to compile a list of things they never accomplished that passing year as if much will be different the following year...anyway maybe i just dont get it. I dont make new year's resolutions, I make resolutions contineosly when i want to. For anyone who's been waiting patietly for me to start posting again well your wishes might just come true. I have decided to make more time available to post more regulary and the blog might be taking a slight change in direction and will include a lot more pictures that i hope will be point of discussion and interest, so stay tuned.

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