Monday, March 29, 2010

A Deeply Disappointing lunch at Kuzina

Hello little friends – I haven’t blogged in a while. It’s been an eventful time, one thing I hate about being busy especially socially is that there’s so much to write about but just no time to actually sit down and write a lil story on the experiences :-( which kinda defeats the purpose of blogging anyway in the time I’ve been quiet, I’ve been on a weekend away to Monkey Valley Beach resort, which I have to write about, as it is too beautiful to not review, also had another dinner at The Grand, had a Maltese friend of mine down here for the weekend, did Cape Point, Chapman’s Peak, winelands etc – Also another friend of mine from the UK was here, hosted a great party on the roof of his 3 story house and finally had a chance to try the new Taj Hotel’s Bombay Brasserie restaurant and bar. The latter was for a special dinner with a somewhat special someone, more on that later.On Saturday I went for lunch at Kuzina, one of the restaurants at the new Cape Quarter section across from Vanilla, which I’ve enjoyed before and Cru Cafe which is simple and ok, Kuzina is a Greek restaurant with nice décor, nothing amazing but perfectly fitting and preen, with a glass ceiling on in the inside section – all of this was fine, their wine selection is a tad mediocre, but still manageable – the food on the other had I found deeply disappointing – the food was very arb and bland – I cook better food at home, especially because their prices are on par with the Cape Quarter prices and yet the food or at least what we had, tasted less satisfying than even the most simple dish from Andiamo, I’m not a fan of Andiamo but I have to compare it to that because that’s the league I saw Kuzina fit in – but more disappointing. I had the pork fillet cooked in honey and herb and it was dry and incredibly dull, dull – hadn’t it been for the great company I would have walked right out.They are open daily for lunch and dinner. Cape Quarter Extension, off Somerset Rd, Green Point. 021 418 8000 - go disappoint your senses.

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