Thursday, January 21, 2010

At The Movies This Week

Having a busy day today at work so havent had much time to blog, but this week i got to see two new movies, Sherlock Holmes and The September Issue. Right now busy writing review for The September Issue, which I was expecting to love with my entire heart, but was disappointed with RJ Cutler's direction/production but still the documentary managed to highlight that, whether with the help of the team she’s perhaps malevolently whipped into shape, Anna Wintout is, after all, a very good editor, she has been Editor of Vogue for the past 20 year, but as for getting close to Wintour-or even explaining the unfathomable mystery that can be haute couture -- the film comes up empty which is a shame since press notes boast that Mr. Cutler was given "unprecedented access" and the right of final cut; all advantages he doesn’t seem to have put to much use.

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