Friday, January 15, 2010

Stolen Emporio Armani Classic EA0433 Watch

OK so there's this awesome blog i read often called 00o00, and the blogger was talking about a what defines a great shopping experience, and the basis of the article was based on his experience with various stores when he was searching for a new battery for his Emporio Armani watch - now here's the lightful part, the said watch is the exact same watch I had got in Paris when i was there for xmas in 2007. But sadly mine got stolen after only 3 wears. And i had meant to replace it but over the years, I started to forget, until when i saw this post, it made me realise that as simple and somewhat non-special this watch might look to some, to me it was the definition of what i had been looking for for years as a simple, chic and timeless cocktail watch to wear with a tux or a nice suit and bow tie, and cuz I don't attend events like that all the time, with jeans!!! So now I'm busy considering buying the watch again, but a part of me thinks I can obviously find newer and better watches out there, but a lil' boy inside me says, 'buy it and wear it everyday to make up for all this time you've missed it' - I only have two watches at the moment, this would be a 3rd, but both my current ones have leather straps...should i be looking to diversify and get a metal buckle? I have one brown one and one with red straps - more on them later...for now I need to know if anyone thinks i should buy this Armani watch.


  1. You can never have too many watches - buy it - its a very nice watch.


  2. Why not, its an awesome looking watch. Just get it.

  3. I would get it - its not ma style of watch but can't deny its a sweet looking watch man