Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Black Car Maintenance-What They Don't Tell U

Ok so I drive a black car – and whoa what a mission – to keep clean, to drive its a joy quite pleased. Ok the nicest thing about black cars is they look sexy and mysterious bla bla we all like them but there are certain things no one will tell you until you have a black car…keeping it clean! Whoa! Rain is your enemy, it rains a lil bit, the car’s f*cked, you’ll need a car wash the next day, I recently learnt this now that we've had two rainy days in Cape Town this week, well more like light showers but still to the car its the same effect – so below is a list of things black car owners need to keep note while trying to retain that beautiful black colour. Another thing I thought was a luxury for cars is waxing, didn’t know it was a necessity, apparently cars need waxing regularly. Modern paint finishes are too susceptible to damage, and wax when done properly will act as a sacrificial layer between pollution, UV light, etc and the paint. Contaminants will get down, pore-deep, into paint. Even with wax, weekly washings are recommended, though most people have restrictions with time, or simply don't have the inclination to wash every week.
  1. Avoid Automatic Car Washes because they cause those awful swirls on the car from the motion and they show best on black cars, bonus :P
  2. Use a good quality pH balanced car shampoo – now I’m not ignorant but I did not know cars had shampoo – gone are the days of liquid dishwashing soap, Windex or even or handy Andy.
  3. Use best quality wash mitt or sponge and a pH neutral car shampoo. Dry with a clean 100% Cotton Terry Towel. For some of us who prefer not to do the washing ourselves, you need to make sure they use the right cloth at the car wash place.
  4. When waxing, use a good polymer wax which will give protection and deepen the shine, applying with a soft terry-applicator.
  5. And finally, you need to remember this; NEVER wash your car in direct sunlight (if it’s black of course).

Pictured: VW Polo 1.9 TDI Sportline


  1. I agree with this article due to the fact that I was given the same advice by the auto repair in Indianapolis that I employ to maintain my car. Black cars may look professional and shiny when clean, but it's pretty cumbersome to maintain their gloss and prevent dusts from getting in the way.

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