Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dilemma: New York or Euro Trip?

I have a problem, some might not see it as a problem, but then again they are not me.

I have to go on holiday around the beginning of June, note how i have to, its true - there is no way i can survive work for 6 straight months without any holiday, i can barely get through a week without wishing for better days, read; holiday overseas!

Currently i sorta have 3 options that can be turned into 2 options, there goes.

1. I can go to Malta, visit a friend and get to see the little enchanting island no ones seems to know much about, you'd swear it wasnt part of the EU its so forgotten.

2. Some sort of Euro trip with several friends, basically a close friend of mine has recently relocated to London, ask him why - and i'd like to go visit him and get a better feel of London, for a few days. Two friends of mine from back in Cape Town, one of which has just moved to Nairobi would be with me. Then we'd all be off to Amsterdam, which i love, fell in love with it last year (2008 April/May) when i went to visit now my ex, and i wanna share it with three of my best friends, we'd be there for a few days for my ex's birthday, then after (the group keeps getting bigger) we'd all go to Paris, again a city i absolutely adore, spent almost a month there during dec/jan 2008 and cant wait to see it again and share it with my friends, i quite like France, even the south, when i went to the French Riviera & Monaco last year, 2008 Sept/Oct i knew i had to return soon, especially Monaco anyway - with better planning i could include Malta as part of this option as well, oh well... we'll see.

3. The final option is New York, i've never been to New York, i have a great sense i'd love it - why now, one of my dearest friends is moving to New York, he fell in love with it, during his many travels to the Big Apple some years back and is now going to live there, but also at the same time one of my best friends, who lives in Switzerland, who i went to visit last year after my afore mention French Riviera holiday with the friend of mine who's just moved to Nairobi, went to Geneva, Zurich, Zug, Lugano, Basel, Bern & Lucern, breathe, he'll be working in New York for a few months and thought it'd be great to use this one opportunity where they will both be in NY at the same time to go visit.

But now i can only afford one trip, either New York or The Euro Trip? Both have major pros & a few cons...what to do, what to do...

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  1. For me it's quite simple really........New York!! Malta is definitely out! London...not a bad idea, but I still think NY is the way to go!! But hey, if you really, really, really want to be with your ex on her birth day; go to London!! Whatever you decide though, have fun!!

    Here I was, 'mind boggled' about a vacation in CapeTown, Mpumalanga or LeSotho whilst you are faced with a REAL predicament.......I'm totally disgusted with myself!!!