Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Turkish Airline Crashes in Amsterdam Airport

Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands just experienced a tragic event. A plane, Turkish Airline, just crashed trying to land :-( No news of how many injuries :-(

I cant help but be worried, i might be going to Amsterdam soon - but then again i'm not flying with the Turks - as much as i like them ;-)


At least nine people were killed today when a Turkish Airlines plane crashed into a field as it came in to land at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, breaking into three sections on impact.

Among these who died were the three flight crew, whose bodies remained on the stricken plane, officials said. A total of 80 people had been taken to 11 hospitals around the region, a medical official told a press conference. Six of these were very critically hurt and it was not known whether they would survive. Five others were seriously hurt, she said.

The mayor of the municipality, Michel Bezuijen, said the Boeing 737-800, believed to be carrying 135 passengers and crew, crash landed at 10.31am (9.31am GMT). "We cannot say anything about the cause at the moment," Bezuijen told reporters . "The priority of the authorities is providing assistance and care."

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