Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oscar Fashion High Notes!

Jennifer Aniston, part because she looked just stunning and part because she wasn't wearing black/navy which is where's been recently. This pearly white Valentino Couture was stunning on her - i included the runway shot so you can see the detail at the bottom, that you cannot see from Jen's picture. The dress has delightful movement effects.
Anne Hathaway, Armani Privé looks absolutely divine, it was simple, almost understated, but with some blinging detail over the chest area. Again this dress had great movement effects, that made the dress sparkle even more. A great come back from a person who's also been orbiting a slightly awkward space recently. Delightful.
Sarah Jessica Parker wore another version of the silver dress she wore to the New York launch of Sex And The City, the movie. This time was a bridal Dior Couture gown that was all whimsical and virginal with a slightly less innocent décolletage design.
Though some might argue Evan Rachel Wood looks rather wahed out in this gorgeous Elie Saab Couture gown, i think she still looks amazing. i loved her dress and thought it gave her such a decorous air, very demure - her aura kills me.
Pictures courtesy of red carpet fashion award & Just Aired.

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