Thursday, February 19, 2009

I just started a blog - i know not why yet, but i'll figure it out

Well, well, well here i am with a blog that needs direction.....well i'll let the idea stew for a while longer, maybe something will come up.....



still nothing!

Ok i'll go with what i'm thinking right now - right this very moment, i hate the fact that there are such few websites in Cape Town that bring you the latest on various up coming events and reviews on past events, i mean Cape Town's awesome and no one gets to document that awesomeness.... if you'll allow me, i'll attempt to do just this, should be interesting juggling a 9 hour work day and finding time to track down the latest happenings of the Mother City, ag, should be alright but if its not then i'll just fill the pages with the latest gossip & trivia from all around the world.

Till next time....i've got nothing new for now!

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