Friday, February 20, 2009

Sand Bay, Llandudno, Cape Town

Ok yes, I went to Sandy Bay on Wednesday over my lunch hour...
why? It looked like a beautiful sunny Cape Town day and i decided where would be picturesque and deserted on a week day, boy was i wrong, anyway thats beside the point. It was as beautiful as i expected and i took these pics....i'm not a genius with the camera, i just point and click, even though i love photography, i know i'm not good at it... but i hope i managed to capture a fraction of the beauty that is Sandy Bay (before the beach part, i would have looked like a heinous perv had i gone that far in my suit, carrying my shoes amongst all the naked folks soaking up some sun)

Note: Sandy Bay is a nude beach!!! Very mixed, both heterosexuals and homosexuals enjoy their exhibitionistic (& voyeur) tanning & it's also quite safe.

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