Friday, June 12, 2009

Cape Town Fitness: Advantages of Yoga!

I've started doing yoga, yes, yoga, at first I was quite apprehensive, mainly because I didn't know enough about the discipline, so lately I've been doing it twice a week, and I must say, I think I might be addicted. When I started doing a lil' bit of research on why not enough people are doing yoga I was stunned by my findings, in Cape Town alone 71% of all females who work out do yoga as part of their fitness plan, and a staggering 54% of all males that work out also do yoga, I never expected the numbers to be this high, but once you try it, its no surprise, yoga has a lot of benefits, read on to find out a brief summary of the advantages of doing yoga. Yoga brings many benefits and advantages to those who participate in its activities, and this includes such things as the restoration of balance, flexibility, poise, health, as well as well-being to the body, and it also brings a better sense of self to anyone and everyone who practices it. As well, yoga can be used to stimulate the glands, organs, muscles, and nerves, and this is in ways that other forms of exercise cannot; as well, muscle tightness and strain can be quickly relieved or even rid of entirely with yoga, and both circulation and digestion can be improved as well. Even many stress-related symptoms, such as fatigue, poor sleeping habits, muscle spasms, anxiety, and indigestion can be improved, and this is only the beginning of the types of benefits and advantages that yoga can provide. In fact the greatest advantage of all is that virtually anyone can practice it, regardless of their age, health status, or fitness level, and not only that but it can be incredibly enjoyable and fun as well. Some other conditions that may improve with regular yoga practice include: arteriosclerosis, chronic fatigue, varicose veins, certain heart ailments, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and multiple sclerosis, for example. The best way to determine if this is something you want to do is by trying it quite obviously, and there are so many different types of yoga that you are sure to be able to find one that suits you.

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