Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rihanna's Nude Pics Exposed

I have very little or no sympathy at all for people who take nude pics of themselves when they are already celebrities, they are all well aware of the risk and the shit that would rain on them were the pics ever to be leaked, so I didnt care when i first heard this story, and by not caring i didnt even reseach to see for myself the pictures, until today i bumped into them reading other people's blogs and whoa, they are graphic - my guess is Chris Brown leaked them, or at least his people. And now i understand why the furfacing of the pics made Anna Wintour cancel Rihanna's Vogue cover. The pictures are slightly too distasteful to post on this esteemed blog ;P, so Click HERE to see Rihanna Nude Pictures!!!!


  1. I know Im going to sound like an idiot but theres no actually proof that the bodily parts are of her even though there are a few face shots.
    Mia x

  2. Nah Mia, if it wasnt true she would have issues out a statement or threatened to sue. It is her.