Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CT: Zuma's First State of the Nation Address

Because i have a job, that i happen to take seriously enough i didn't take the day off today to watch the State of the Nation Address like some people i know, so I've only caught glimpses of President Jacob Zuma's speech held in at the parliamet buildings in Cape Town. I've been searching for the full transcript without much luck, anyone who knows where i can obtain it, please do let me know. After what seemed to be the most riveting elections since 1994, Zuma is finally giving his first address today and I'm sure everyone is pining to see for themselves if issues they care about have been addressed. What I've heard is that he addressed issues of unity amounts government units, fighting crime, releaving poverty and minimising loss of jobs during this period of recession. Though his speech was delivered in English, parts of it included insert in Afrikaans, Tswana & of course Zulu :) UPDATE: The appealing speech, though shallow on detail as to how the plans will be put into action, can be found on the government website.

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