Monday, June 8, 2009

Levi's® 'Vintage Sundays' returns to the Cape

For the 5th year running music lovers all over South Africa are set to have their Sunday nights reinvented and reinvigorated with Levi’s® Vintage Sundays, Mzansi's most consistent and comprehensive showcase of local musical talent reads Moi. In the past four years the Levi's® brand has hosted an incredible 160 shows all over the country, firmly establishing itself as a friend and supporter of South African music. This relationship will rock ‘n roll again in June as Levi’s® Vintage Sundays returns to Cape Town, hosted at Jade Lounge in Green Point. The Mother City's in for the mother of all parties...again and again and again. Gerald Clark gets things off to a bluesy start on the 7th when he takes to the stage with his acoustic folk love songs. Next up is the Albert Frost Band, a group of much-loved musos who share common blues roots and an unmatched ability to connect with an audience. Rounding it all off is Lonesome Dave Ferguson, the one-man music machine who manages to induce the groove with nothing more than a harmonica and his incredibly versatile voice. It's a spectacular opening night, with a trio of exceptional, unique acts all bent on making you fall further in love with local music. One week later on the 14th, Hot Water opens with their unique fusion of African melodies and powerful, uplifting vocals. It's soul music with a twist of blues and a dash of the unknown. They're followed by the prolific Flat Stanley who, after making waves overseas, are happy to bring their melodic rock back to South African shores. They're always a revelation live and all you need for a power-packed evening. Last night I attended the launch event at Jade, which is a mere walking distance from my house. I heard from this even from my flatmate who is eternally clued up on all gigs going down around Cape Town, she rocks! I didn’t even know who was playing, so our main reason for going was to see her boyfriend, Tim Rankin of Bed On Bricks, play, pity I missed Lonesome Dave, who I have become quite a fan off but Albert Frost more than made up for it, the electric blues sound was something some-what new to me, but dang I love it, and felt like it ended too soon, with Tim on drunks churning out some sick beats, I was nodding and tapping my one foot for the duration of the performance, I’d see any band if they had this dude on drums. At some point Gerald Clark, who had already performed came back on stage to do a quasi-duet with Albert, me and my three friends went mental, at the risk of sounding cheesy but it was electrically explosive, a description I never fathomed using to describe blues! Forgive my shocking pic, phone cameras were meant for dark venues.


  1. Cooollliooo....
    wish i had stayed...
    will def go to more
    also up- are kirtsenbosch winter concerts
    check blog for update laters

  2. " I heard about this event from my flatmate who is eternally clued up on all gigs going down around Cape Town, she rocks!"

    I stand by my word - always got the latest on the gigs, will check blog!