Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Autumn/Fall Fashion Must Haves pour les hommes

Fall fashion collections are often the more favoured by consumers and certainly my favourite. Fabrics are rich in colour and texture yet made lighter for those mild days and can often be worn year round which is great when you’re trying to build a solid wardrobe, fall fashion offers you the good basics every good wardrobe can’t be without. And since colours are typically neutral, it makes it easy to mix and match. But more importantly, autumn is about layering and I love a layered look, the key is to know how to do it well. The following are my Top 5 Men's Fall wardrobe must haves that will not only carry you through this fall and winter but seasons to come.

1. Cardigan

This is not your grandfather's cardigan. It's a different kind of sweater that has a slimmer, more modern cut that you can wear at the office or on a date. It's thin enough to wear over a dress shirt and underneath a jacket. It can even be worn over your favourite T with a pair of jeans. It's one of the most versatile items you can have in your wardrobe. Try one made out of light weight merino wool or cashmere. Personally I believe everyone should have two, one in black and one in grey.

2. Striped Shirts

Every designer and manufacturer has come out with some sort of striped shirt or another. Just get one. It can be worn independently with jeans, with a suit or under a sweater. Remember, fall is about layering and from bold and thick stripes to thin ones; it's a good look that you will find easy to incorporate into many ensembles. Nautical blues or thin red stripes will work all year round.

3. Blazer/Sports Jacket

A cool blazer is definitely a must-have item, and the styles available really give blazers a life of their own. You can find some with patch pockets and/or elbow patches, others with big lapels and double-sided vents, but they are all a revival of retro looks, personally I wouldn’t go with the patches, but that’s just me. And don't forget moleskin and corduroy options which can be a less formal look than tweed. Or choose a nice wool or wool and cashmere combination with two buttons. Don't get to wild with color though; go for a neutral tones that can easily be worn with jeans and dressier trousers as well as a dress shirt or with a printed tee underneath. It has so much versatility. My favourite is my Dolce&Gabbana two button charcoal black jacket, it’s a slim cut so it goes with absolutely everything.

4. Scarves

A scarf can be used to simply uplift a dreary outfit to something more well put together without looking like you invested copious amounts of time thinking about the draping, even if you did. I personally live for thin scarves, too thick will keep you warm but wont look nearly as suave as a thin scarf. So grab a thin scarf, a grey one is a must, preferably wrinkly. I have a thin wrinkly grey scarf from ZARA, it works with everything.

5. Jeans

Jeans have and will always be a huge part of our wardrobes, now the key thing is to get the right fits and good colours. In terms of colour, we've seen everything from dark to light washes. Some choose black, this might be too heavy for autumn, go as dark as you can without going black, personally I believe in a good dark denim, an oily indigo takes me places, but its imperative that its oily, else why am I wearing indigo. More importantly, they can be paired with just about anything. Choose well and you just can't go wrong. Perhaps if you’re feeling gutsy, go purple, I bought myself a pair of purple skinny jeans the other day, purely for amusement’s sake, odd, right? Nope, they’ve been very well received.


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