Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Decorex Cape Town A Snore...?

I went to the Decorex exhibition this weekend, on Saturday at the Cape Town International Convention Center and I wasn't really blown away. There was nothing new, more of what last year and the previous year presented, was kinda disappointing, but then again I didn't have to pay for it so i guess i shouldnt be complaining, and it wasn't bad by a long shot, the lack of creativity was baffling. For those of you that don't know about this exhibition, read on for a blurb about the show. Decorex SA 2009 brings you the ‘New Fusion’: of modern & focused. Urban & rural. The designed & the discovered. The exotic & close to home. The linear & the lustrous. The organic & the ornate. The world is not new to cross-cultural influences. East has been meeting West on the trade winds for centuries. Yet, never before has the fusing process been so intense, nor the sources of inspiration so truly global. Entering its 11th year, Decorex Cape Town brings you a unique blend of the emerging & the established; manufacturers & suppliers – large & small. Trade professionals & consumers can indulge in the haute & the handmade; the new simple & the avant-garde. The show promises to be a celebration of Cape Town’s most delicate & daring spaces by talented style shapers, trend makers & décor creators.


  1. I do agree 100 percent. I attended on Sunday with Mr Links, we were both bored for the majority of the time! The freshest offering for me came from 'REcreate', the owner makes the most innovate things from old suitcases/ trunks (which are reinforced and unholstered to create gorgeous chairs), parisols (become lampshades) etc. The owner is Katie Thompson, check out www.recreate.co.za to see what I mean!

    Hopefully the lack of inspiration is only due to the financial situation and not non-creativity. Let's hope we can kick it up a notch next year, maybe bring in bigger media sponsors like kfm again.

    Ms Stanfield

  2. oops, it's actually www.recreate.za.net

  3. looking forward to the sexpo.. a must see!

  4. Thanks Ms Stanfield for your highly informed insight - I will be sure to check out REcreate.