Thursday, April 23, 2009

Design: Cape Town Victorian Artitecture or Not?

My love of architecture and design in general means I’ll often stop and take random pics of arb buildings, the older the better, like this one, I took this over my lunch, this is in the vibrant Long Street in Cape Town. I love the Victorian style, solid yet romanticized detail, probably stemming from late 18th century – the colours are also very decadent, reminiscent of a time of luxury & opulence yet the structure as a whole is not as ornate as typical Victorian styles, its more structures, straight lines, flat roof, so I’m guessing this must be an Italianate or Neo-Renaissance Victorian style – anyone who knows better please feel free to advise accordingly. Anyway so I thought I’d share this building, pic taken by me, today around 13h44, the weather is overcast as you can see.

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