Tuesday, April 7, 2009

NPA drops charges against Jacob Zuma - S. Africa

Yesterday, 06/04/2009, was a controversial day for South African politics and the for citizens as a whole after the announcement on Jacob Zuma fate regarding his corruption charges. The National Prosecuting Authority has decided to drop corruption charges against Jacob Zuma, boosting the ANC president two weeks ahead of the elections.
The decision by the NPA came after weeks of speculation about the prosecution of Zuma, eight years into the case. The announcement was made at a media conference held at the NPA's offices in Pretoria. Acting NPA head Mokotedi Mpshe said the decision was one of the most difficult he has ever had to make. Mpshe said tape recordings showed evidence of political interference and abuse of power by former Scorpions boss Leonard McCarthy. "Using one's sense of justice and propriety as a yardstick by which McCarthy's abuse of the process is measured, an intolerable abuse has occurred which compels a discontinuation of the prosecution. "In the light of the above, I have come to the difficult conclusion that it is neither possible nor desirable for the NPA to continue with the prosecution of Mr Zuma."It is a difficult decision because the NPA has expended considerable resources on this matter, and it has been conducted by a committed and dedicated team of prosecutors and investigators who have handled a difficult case with utmost professionalism and who have not been implicated in any misconduct," he said.
- News24

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