Thursday, April 2, 2009

Midweek Release: Night Out In Long Street

After a rather exhausting day yesterday, I had my French lesson - thankfully we were watching a movie (Oui, mais..) last night, even though the teacher paused it after every second to point out phrases we should look out for, it still required much less concentration than a normal class and this was welcomed. After the raunchy teenaged movies, all French movies involve women touching themselves at some point, this one was no exception - After class I went home to change and head out to Julep where I was meeting some friends to watch a performance by Dave Ferguson, calls himself Lonesome Dave (he’s a one man act;), which was surprisingly really good – he…., I’ll get back to describing his style of music, cuz I don’t really know, it sort of basey-muffled style (I know it must have a name), sings into the mic, plays the harmonica, cranked out tunes like stripped down/folky blues version of Ring of fire by Johnny Cash. Julep is an awesome cocktail lounge, between their overpriced cocktails, relaxed décor, artsy ambience, ridiculously hot people and music that is not too loud you can still chat with your mates; Julep comes second to none as the best bar to go out to for a weekday night out. I’ll be there next week again, now I need to figure out where I’m heading tonight!
Pardon the poor picture quality I took this with my phone, eve 5 mega pixels can’t quite cope at night - the picture is of Long Street – I took it last night – for some odd reason I didn’t take one of Lonesome Dave performing or of Julep – oh well maybe next time!

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