Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Love, Music, Mouille P, Pepenero & Dry-wall

Heya, ok I must admit I’ve been a lil preoccupied with my life lately, mainly cuz I go away on holiday on Friday – the reason why this holiday is such a big deal for me is cuz its my first holiday to Europe this year, from going there about every 3 months last year, this year has been a lil different, hello recession! So this is why I haven’t been as good with posting new stories and blogging, but here’s to hoping all of that will change, if I decide to take my laptop with me when I go travelling, I will be sure to write lil’ snippets of my experience every 2nd day or so. Anyway today, I hope to blog a bit, I have a song in mind, which I want to make my song of the day. It’s a somewhat dark song and was inspired by thoughts I had last night as I lay in my bed before going to bed about love and matters of the heart, but more about what we as people are willing to put ourselves through just to be able to feel loved, or to love someone, even though we sometimes hurt ourselves in the process, or most commonly get hurt by others – and the topic of love, more especially relationships has always been a foreign one to me, not because I don’t date or have relationships but more because though I love easily, I’ve never been able to allow myself to fall in love easily, and I find its something I’m very weary of and will shut off completely at the first sign of the other seeming untrustworthy or at least more than capable of hurting me – anyway, oh almost forgot how awesome was the weather this weekend? Especially Sunday, I got to hang out outdoors, wear shorts and have lunch at Mouille Point again, it felt like summer, except we made the mistake to go eat at Pepenero, I don’t know how many chances I’ve given this place to try and redeem itself, and constantly it fails with flying colours. The sea food platter I had, had awesome prawns & mussels, but the calamari was like gum and the line fish of Yellowtail tasted like dry-wall, honestly, it’s a puzzler how they are still in business, I guess the location is THAT good!

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