Thursday, July 9, 2009

News: Cape Town Stadium workers Striking

Cape Town - This mornign as I was making my way to work – already running a tad late as usual I was stunned to see the folks that work in the stadium toyi-toying (a strike of some sort), they were wielding heavy sticks and the cop cars were there to ensure they stuck to the one side of the road, Somerset road going towards the city center – that happened to be the same road I needed to get to work, so I just stood and waited for them to pass, I managed to squeeze a quick pic, scared for my life not knowing if they might attack me for finding their strike news worthy, but I didn’t seem to do too bad. The pic includes the Cape Town cops, the protesters and the Green Point stadium, which is the key project at risk of running over if the protest persist. The workers are seeking a minimum of 13% pay rise instead of the 10% promised.

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