Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Most Awesome Pic: At 3000 frames per Sec

As an avid fan of the show Time Wrap, its obvious to pick up that I love detail, and being able to see things that we cant ordinarily see with the naked eye. This shot on the side is a pic of a bullet (I think) that looks like it just grazed or even bounced on the water surface and this pic was taken at that exact moment and reduced to something like 3000 frames per second. Hence able to reveal detail that ordinarily would be absolutely impossible to see with the human eye. I was so stoked when I found this pic because I remember not so long ago I was watching a show on Discovery where this droplet specialist, yes, its an actual job, with a title, he was a professor – and he was making these awesome droplet formations and they were using a 3000 frames per sec camera to view them, they were awe-some, I thought about them days after I had seen the show. I’m mostly taken by the colours, the detail and especially the droplet on top, but I’m still unsure which I love more, the actual droplet effect or the 3000 frame camera for being able to reveal to us what we can’t see with our natural eyes?

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