Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cape Quarter: Lunch Under R50 @ Chenin

Nowadays can one still eat out for R50 a head? Well Chenin at the Cape Quarter seems to thinks so. For your R50 you'll get a selected main meal and a glass of wine. Their wine is very good, they offer great selections and I believe everything is offered by the glass, which is fantastic for tasting, and they also host wine tasting evenings where novices are tought on wine and how to appreciate it, but their food I can't say much about, perhaps I'm just fussy but the times I've eaten there, I've often felt I could have worked up something better at home, but then I've been known to be fussy when it comes to food, the good thing is their ingredients seems fresh and well cookoed, just taste have often been bland to me - but at R50 for a mail meal, where most mains are around R90 AND a glass of wine, thats great value, even I would be tempted to go back there. The constant buzz and vibe of the Cape Quarter will also make up if the food is less than good. Special starts on 23-Feb-2010, woo hoo just in time for pay day for some, and ends on 31-March-2010.

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