Monday, February 1, 2010

Fabulosity Look of The day....stone washed

The Sartorialist, a blogger and fashion photographer for GQ has this website where he takes photoes of people in the street that he feels inspired by, in terms of their fashion sense or how they've styled their outfits, I check the blog daily...the looks range from fantastic, stunning, dreamy to quirky and downright awful. This pic was posted a while ago, and I think everything about this look just works - for someone who often doesnt like light or stone washed denim, this lad, shot in Florence, shows us how to wear light jeans the Italian way - he looks awesome! Highlights for me: The pocket kerchief, the stripped shirt, and the perfectly fitted jacket, the shoulder peek a but and the cuffs are angled, the jeans i'm not mad about, they are stone washed, never been a fan, but makes them work! Click on image to see the detail better.

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