Friday, February 12, 2010

The New Polo Review, Hit or Miss (2010)…Part 2

The car drives insanely smooth, its like you’re driving a Merc, you know when you drive a car that feels like its gliding on clouds, as if the mechanics are oiled with silicone, I thoroughly enjoyed that – only two things I didn’t like were the clutch being too soft, with each gear change my foot was on the floor in seconds, but I guess that would take getting used to the car, and also it feels a bit cramped, even though they claim, its longer AND wider than the current models, but they did admit it is much lower/shorter which is probably what’s making it feel cramped, the second thing I hated was how the sides felt very light and cheap. Like you know when you use central locking on a Yaris, it gives off a ‘ting’ sound, as if some twine is snapping, but the current Polo, it sounds like some sophisticated mechanism is locking, now the new one sounds like the Yaris, either the doors have been made thinner or something, I did not like that. Also when you close the doors, they don’t sound like solid heavy doors, they give out a tin like sound, and the last downside which I almost forgot is found on the outside – the back of the car is nothing short of horrendous, bland & awkward – and the VW people had the nerve to justify it by saying, it’ll grow on the people, apparently with every launch of every Polo there’s always initial reservations about the backs, so lets hope this grows on me as well. All in all the drive is spectacular; it’s a lovely car to drive. If you are a big guy, you might feel claustrophobic, even I did a bit and I’m only 1.76cm. The front design is also very nice, very similar to the much sexier and pricier Scirocco. The prices for the new Polos are not modest either, I believe they started around R169K – go check the car out, I feel a lot of people will love it, it’s a lovely car. Pics taken from the PoloSky Venue where they are having the launches.

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  1. Good detail. it sounds like nice car.