Monday, February 8, 2010

Carne SA Restaurant Review...Part 2

(Continues from post below) Anyway we first had drinks upstairs, a champagne cocktail seemed in order, then we moved downstairs, and for starters I had the seemingly popular Lamb Shank Ravioli (R75), it was absolutely divine, everyone must try it at least once, I bet you’ll be hooked. To help decide for your mains the waiter brings the platter of meats to the table and explains each cut according to the menu, its raw, so vegetarians might find this unsettling, what I love is that the meat doesn’t smell like raw meat or bloody, which would have even unsettled me, and I’m a carnivore of note…but the meat has been lightly dressed with virgin olive oil and fresh rosemary, so the smell of rosemary takes over which I was happy with. The 1.2kg T-bone looked gigantic but it is meant for sharing and Carne’s speciality cut is the lombatella or hangar steak, which hangs near the kidneys, giving it a more gamey flavour. Stay clear of this if you like your meat buttery tender – I had the rib eye steak (R105), which was lovely, but you need to appreciate great naked flavours, for those who love dousing their steak in suace or basting might be underwhelmed because there is no cheese sauce here, the meat is meant to be appreciated for its flavor without nuking, so the meat purely comes with a selection of mustards for the table (I mean you can order side sauces if you’d prefer, and they do offer non-meat dishes :) I can’t comment on the wine, mainly cuz I forgot the name, all I know is that it was an imported red from Italy, that did NOT come at a steal, but I didn’t pick it so don’t remember the details. So Carne is a place to be visited, perhaps not inspiring frequent visits, but certainly worth a visit. (for the restaurant details see Part 1 of review)

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