Monday, February 1, 2010

Carne, Vanilla, Roundhouse, Amazing Weekend

Ok so I've been bad with blogging - mainly because I have been insanely busy - last week and this weekend several friends were in town for The J&B Met so imagine the string of parties that followed. Thursday night i went to dinner with a lovely friend of mine who's in town for 2 weeks, at Carne SA, when i find time i will write a review on this wonderful lil addition to the Cape Town culinery scene, it was my 2nd time there and 10 times better than the last. Reasons to follow. The Friday night was one of my friends from Durban 25th birthday dinner at the new swanky, if not over the top Vanilla Restaurant in the new Cape Quarter, barring being 2 hours late, miss party herself was an hour late so its not that bad, right? was a lovely evening, got to catch up with a lot of Durban folks with was most festive. And wow did she look beautiful - almost like she hadnt aged since she left end of 1st year of varsity, UCT, when she had fallen pregnant, now she had a darling of a daughter and madly in love with the farther, aww, some people's lives are like mini fairy tales :) Ok then Saturday, I had lunch at the oh so spectacular lunch at Rumbullion, which is The Roundhouses's terrace restaurant where they serve lunch, too delightful, more on that later. Then later that day had dinner again at Vanilla, with a different group of people. So I have 3 restaurant reviews I have to do and will try do that soon before i forget the tates, smells and textures! Happy First day of February!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing about Rumbullion from you. I have a friend who works there, so I am used to hearing about it from the opposite side of the staff curtain :)