Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cape Town: Green Point's Charming Twilight

Green Point is a neighbour hood in Cape Town, South Africa located to the north west of the central business district. It a popular residential area for young & financially able professionals and for the Cape Town gay and lesbian community mainly for its convenience to chic bars and restaurants and luxe residences. Many new mid-rise apartment and mixed-use developments have gone up in recent years. Somerset Road forms the main thoroughfare lined by numerous restaurants, caf├ęs, boutiques and nightclubs. The area, as its name would suggest marks this fantastic city’s green belt, and officials have done a pretty good job so far to reserve this place as green and underdeveloped as possible – which explains the green patches of fields that can be seen to the left of the stadium. This area previously comprised of a golf coarse and several sports fields used communally by multiple sport’s clubs, referred to as Green Point Common, but it is currently going through a major revamp to turn it into a state of the art sports' complex, where all sport’s clubs will be granted properly zoned designated areas. I’m not clear on the details but I heard they would create more tennis & squash courts, football fields, rugby fields, hockey fields and athletics tracks, which has resulted in the 75 acres golf course reduced to 72, don’t quote me, I read this a week and a half ago and don’t have it in front of me as I type this. Anyway I hope you’ll like the pic of Green Point common, with the new stadium by night – will post more Before and After pics in time.


  1. how lovely, this makes me miss Cape Town so much.

  2. Follow the progress of the stadium and urban park.

    Green Point Stadium

    Green Point Urban Park