Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nobu Encore, With A Brooch This Time!

So I was meant to go to Gordon Ramsay’s Maze this past Friday, but due to a raucous night out the previous night (see 2 posts below) and spending the next day like beached whales on the couch, the dinner was cancelled, only to be uncancelled again a few minutes later, lol, but then I had decided I wasn’t gonna leave the house until much later, so I decided not to go out to dinner anyway and partly because the way I was feeling, being in a dinner of 8 would have been a tad jarring – but soon after deciding I wasn’t going to dinner, I got bored with the idea of staying at home and ended up going to dinner with one of the former attendees of the Maze dinner, now the bizarre bit comes in here, the decision to go eat at Nobu came about – which is one of the two restaurants housed in Sol Kerzner’s Cape Town One&Only Resort, the other being Maze. Separated by only a fancy lavatory and a bar upstairs, we had dinner, meters from where we would have had dinner before the cancellation. Nobu was, well like it was the last time I was there – but the best part was looking at both the restaurant and the hotel from the eyes of the friend I was dinning with because his opinion on concepts and design has always fascinated me, and I’ll just say Nobu cracked a nod. From the entrance the fragranced aroma of the entrance to the hotel was well received, if you’ve ever smelt Terre D’Hermes by Hermes, this is what the entrance hall and foyer smells like, at this point I wished the friend who was hosting the dinner at Maze was with us instead of being at Maze. The triple descend before you even reach the restaurant was also a delight, 2 steps down from the door to entrance hall, 3 steps to the lobby area, then 2 more to the Nobu maître d' stand and the final descend, curved stars to the Nobu dinning hall. The food, conversation & atmosphere was absolutely divine - by the end of the dinner I was even beginning to like the shallow origami light fixture. Some of the highlights of the evening were the New Style Salmon Sashimi, WOW, and the tempura crab, and I’m not even a big tempura person, but I died repeatedly with each morsel. The wine, we went with a Riesling, which was an olfactorial triumph, but failed on the palette, it was a tad too acidic for me to enjoy, but not bad by a long shot, just not good! Ah we finished it off with a chocolate fondant and after settling the bill we rushed to meet with our friends who were already out at Jade Bar, we knew it was gonna be a good night! 1h30 me and my brooched friend arrived to a couple of friends at Jade, “hey KY”, lol. Some were already very cosy with their unofficial other halves, so we gabbed a bit, quenched our thirst with some Bad Decision Juice (Champagne) or MCC to be precise. The friend who had gone to Maze had unfortunately had an unsatisfactory meal, ostrich, partly I judge him for ordering ostrich at Maze but then its quite unfair to run a 5 star restaurant that will have underwhelming or even awful meals, but he was in high spirit as he had had a delightful evening with friends, looked absolutely suave in autumn shades and was guaranteed to have an even better night ;). Unplanned dinners are always spectacular, but above all the festivities of that evening my highlight was the fibula! Viva Glam!


  1. i love this, i love cape town.

  2. Do you have a job or are you a socialite. Please reveal your identity, The One.

    Kimberly Lautner

  3. I was gonna ask what a fibula, bone? was, but i googled, brooch :-)