Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scent Of The Moment: Versace Pour Homme

One of my dearest and most generous person in the whole of the land was away on holiday, a fabulous 17 day cruise from Cape Town to Barbados and all the islands in between – My souvenir was a beautifully sculpted bottle of VERSACE Pour Homme. Donatella VERSACE asked perfumer Alberto Morillas to make VERSACE's new men’s fragrance simple and “precise” and she seemed pleased with the result and said: “When I smell the scent, it reminds me of my father because my father wore neroli.,” (Women’s Wear Daily). That’s all well and good, but Ms. VERSACE took her fragrance brief a step further and asked that the scent “suit a self assured and, above all, attractive man.” (Cosmetics International) I’m definitely spruce enough to wear this, but other guys out there may want to consider having their hair cut, shaving, getting a facial and back wax, etc., before venturing to buy VERSACE Pour Homme. VERSACE Pour Homme contains bergamot, bitter orange leaves, neroli, diamante citron, geranium, clary sage, blue hyacinth, cedar wood, oud, mineral amber, musk and tonka bean. VERSACE Pour Homme opens with tart, talc-y citrus and a “water”/marine note. I was about to let out a sigh of boredom when a natural-smelling candied citrus note appeared — and lasted a good while. This pleasant citrus note (I’m telling myself is the diamante citron whether that’s true or not) reminds me of the delicious lemon note Allure Sport by CHANEL. The after effects of these clean citrus notes can be felt all the way into the dry-down... must be some high powered synthetic note operating underneath the top construction to extend them so deep into the formula. Anyways, the heart notes introduce the 'generic gang'. Like Timbaland whoring out the same tune over and over, Morillas seems to have borrowed the current accord du jour of generic woody-amber/spicy-woods with the nutty-herbal note of clary sage recalling Platinum Egoistes' Pour Homme. Bursting forth with bitter citrus and a sharp neroli note (with a tinge of aquatic whirled in), the opening burst is about the only high point of this woody aromatic/oriental from far richer heart accord, but this totally fits in here, this fragrance is not meant to be garish, clamoring for attention, its for the dapper man, understated and familiar with a tinge of mystery. A new favourite is born; I will thoroughly enjoy wearing this.

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  1. You've made me want to smell this, and i'm a woman.