Monday, May 11, 2009

Recession Recedes Cape Town Restaurants!

Some of Cape Town's most popular, Summerville, and most expensive, Showroom, restaurants have been among the first to feel the effects of the economic down turn. Capetonians will never stop eating out, its part of the culture, but they have started being more prudent about it - me included, I might have not calmed down yet, purely cuz cooking is a bleak chore unless you have people to entertain, but I've started thinking about what I eat once at the restaurant, instead of some langoustines, some good old prawns will do, cuts the bill in half, well - almost ;)
List of some of
Cape Town's most popular restaurants that have/are closing down:
  • Summerville - Camps Bay - what a pity, this place though food-price comparison is laughable, the venue is awesome, with unparalled view on the entire Camps Bay strip!
  • Showroom Restaurant - Cape Town Center - a restaurant that was one of the top 10 restaurants in the country, since it opened its door back in 2007, i do believe, they had lovely food, and a menu that boasted some of the most exorbitant prices, but I was sad to hear of their closing because I've only eaten there twice :(
  • Riboville - Cape Town CBD - this establishment was housed in an outstanding building, the oldest bank in Cape Town, with its vaults used as wine cellars - there was a time when I ate here, 3 or 4 times a week (mainly convenience, I lived a few yards from it).
Oh well :-/
Update: Apparently Summerville has issued out a statement to all dining institutions, notifying them that they will no longer be closing, i believe the issue was with the land lords over their enormous rent (estimated at R350K per month) and i believe they've managed to iron out those thorny details over strudel - so Summerville will still be there to be enjoyed, but less fortunate was Fabulous, the never-quite-worked moroccan restaurant at the top of Kloof street - i mean when i went there i thoroughly enjoyed my meal, but felt the decor was underdone, which is strange considering the cheeky (if not tacky for a Moroccan restau.) name, there wasnt enough carpet around to make you feel like you're in Morocco, anyway, so thats closing down, oh yes, closed already, Friday!


  1. thats just too sad. Summerville has been quite an institution in my years of living in CT...
    and the half price cocktails rocked!
    oh well :-(

  2. Here's to hoping that more don't close!

  3. no more Summerville!! gasp!what will the promenade look like? we should have a wake for it! & i refuse to accpet Riboville maangment to close it before I get the chance to visit. it sounds awesome.