Thursday, May 28, 2009

Restaurant Of The Day: Myoga, Vineyard Hotel

The first special I sampled was the gob smacking value for money 6 course meal special for R150 (R225 with wine pairing, Solms-Delta wines) at the delightful Myoga, Vineyard Hotel. I took an esteemed friend and confidant there for what I was expecting to be a delightful dinner, because it’s Myoga, but also had mild reservations about the special being so affordable, ordinarily a two course meal here, without wine, comes at R200. The décor at Myoga has always pleased me – the open plan show kitchen brings enough excitement, interesting interior designs, great views of the garden and the inside dimly lit, very chic, very muted with accents of Veuve Clicquot orange sprinkled carelessly, its almost perfect except as part of their eclectic assortment of chairs, there’s this one particular design that I abhor with a passion, the chairs look better suited for a conference room – when you go to Myoga, please try and find these chairs, there’s a couple of them, and tell me if I’m being unnecessarily stodgy (If you look carefully in the images you’ll see them). Anyway me and my friend found ourselves sitting in one of the 4 lovely sofas with exaggerated backrest that almost touch the chandeliers in an audacious Veuve orange to match. The 6 course dinner kicked off took a worrying start when the first course of ‘black pepper tartlet onion ragout broccoli rabe crème fraiche stone fruit chutney’ was more modest in size than a heaped teaspoon. I immediately realised I should have expected this, but after tasting it the flavours were so beautifully pungent that it made sense for the portions to be on a strict ration. The ‘pumpkin miso soup with gorgonzola croute’ & the main of ‘Kingklip, lemon verbena risotto broccoli rabe candied ginger and chilli coriander beurre blanc’ were the highlights, true culinary triumphs; the dessert was also decadently delicious. The linguine thai pesto with homemade lamb chorizo was the only disappointment and not because it was bad, but it was a tad bland and underwhelming and somewhat took away from the other courses that had bee so amazing. The entire evening was delightful with world class food and convivial company, I will sure be returning there as early as next week.


  1. After that sizzling review perhaps the place should be called Nyoga (Snake in Zulu)

  2. hi, thanks for the review - i tried the place even after reading bashing reviews - and we had a total dream of an evening.

    Luc Kotze

  3. you KNOW i love that restaurant! Don't you remember we were chatting bout Mike Basset just before i went there. xxx

  4. I work at Myoga as a waitress, it's great to hear that you had such a wonderful time!

    If you thought that the winter special (the one described here) was good, you should definitely come and try our new special- just in time for spring, and running up until the end of the world cup! Its a 12 course tasting menu over the structure of a six course meal (ie: 3 of the courses include 3 dishes in 1)that includes an array of elements off of our usual ala carte menu. The entire menu is incredible and really gives an overview of all the tastes and flavours that Myoga offers. Not only that, each of the 12 courses is paired with a 50ml tasting portion of wine selected from various farms in the Constantia valley- you will even get to try the most famous South African dessert wine, drunk by Napoleon and Jane Austen, Vin de Constance. The entire menu including wine pairing (unfortunately there is no option to have it without wine) costs a mere R275,00. Can you believe it?

    You should also check out our High Tea, running daily (excluding Sundays) from 3:30 til 5:30. R75,00 for scone and accompaniments, a choice of up to 4 treats from the menu selection as well as a unique drink!

    It really is the best value that you will find at a fine dining restaurant in Cape Town.

    Your fine-dining-waitress-extraordinaire,

  5. Hi Tarryn,

    I love Myoga, or rather used to, I send people there all the times, just yesterday sent a group of Europeans that called to ask me where to dine, so expect them pretty soon, they enjoy spending on food.

    Unfortunately the last time i was there, wasnt the best service, and we ended up leaving before we ate, there were profuse apologies and promise to call me back for a complimentary meal, as much as i didnt care for the free meal, the gesture was pleasing, uhm that did not happen.

    So I've kinda been put off Myoga since, which is a shame considering how much I loved it before, but i will not be writing a bad review about it, simply just not visiting anymore.