Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cape Town: Happy Birthday Aimster!

Today is my gorgeous flat-mate's birthday - she turns a tender 23 and hoping she's having a fantastic day, so this post is just to acknowledge and let her know, she's loved and appreciated - see some of the flowers she received - the top ones, from yours truly, moi, and the bottom ones were from her mom. The roses look more opulent in person, i went on a hunt for big bulbous white roses, which wasn't easy, but she's worth it and finally found them - now i'm looking forward to her Mexican themed party on Friday night. Fabulosity Tip: If you want to give classic white roses, to run away from them looking wedding-y, find big bulbous ones with shy petals and accessorise the packaging to make it more playful.


  1. Hope your day was as beautiful as the Roses you recieved. Happy Birthday for yesterday.

    PS: May your 23rd year be as gorgeous as you are said to be!!

  2. Yay :-)
    thanks so much :-)
    i feel totally special