Thursday, May 14, 2009

Study Finds Cocaine In City Air

Spanish scientists have detected the presence of cocaine in the air of Madrid and Barcelona by using a new technique for the first time, a research institute said on Wednesday. The scientists looked for 17 components in five different types of illegal drugs - cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, cannabinoids and lysergic acid. The results revealed cocaine is the predominant drug in the air of the two cities, the CSIC institute said. It was found in concentrations of 29 to 850 picograms per cubic metre of air. A picograms is one trillionth of a gram. The study is the result of the first use of a new method for the detection of drugs in the air, adapted specifically for the researchers, who are to publish their results in the review "Analytical Chemistry". "Heroin was also found in detectable levels in the samples taken in Madrid, but not in those from Barcelona," the CSIC said. This it explained by the fact that the area of Madrid where the sample was taken is close to a district where drug dealers are suspected of operating. The scientists also reported a higher concentration of the components during the weekend, "suggesting higher consumption this time". But it said there was no reason for the public to be concerned. This was such a surpirse to me, so decided to share it - lets just hope the concentrations dont rise to levels where unsuspecting habitats will find themselves high from a mere stroll down a downtown street...would be interested to hear the finding ot this study were it to be conducted here in Cape Town!


  1. wow dude.. you must stop putting pics of your stash on the net!!! that is no way to run a business - kidding! what a very interesting clip of news.. hey should take samples of long street.

  2. Imagine that!!! Walking down a street and the next thing you are HIGH. The next day you figure you should do it again because "yeterday's stroll did you a world of good!!It lifted your spirits!!" 5, 6 'walks' later; you are addicted to Heroin and you don't even know it!!!

    You'd be the FITTEST addict to ever hit planet earth :-)

    I've just blown things way, way out of proportion; haven't I? Okay, I'll shut up now.