Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Joys & Woes Of Being Phoneless

Ok so I’m phone-less, on Saturday morning during a juvenile moment while leaving the Old Biscuit Mill market, me and two friends decided to race each other – naturally I was winning, the one guy left behind and the one right behind me decided to fall, at exactly the same time as my cell phone escaped from my pocket and fell flat to the ground after bouncing 3 times and dismantling itself – he sustained minor injuries (see bottom pic), or so we thought at the time, he was drunk so it didn’t pain as much, bled a lil’ on the knee and elbow but didn’t stop us from heading to Camps Bay (Cape Town) for more afternoon winning & lunching, the next morning was when the full impact of the fall was realised – the weird thing about my phone (see main pic) is that it worked perfectly fine after the drop, but kept on deteriorating as the hours went by – by Monday morning, the touch screen wouldn’t work at all. So I had to have it taken in, and Vodacom and their atrocious service, didn’t have a replacement phone for me, so I am without a phone now for about 2 and a half days – at first it was a welcomed break from the contact ringing and living according to my phone, but now its becoming a trying task. I don’t miss the phone to send random texts etc, I miss it for my appointment dates and all the other crap my phone stores for me so I can allow my brain to turn to mush even quicker – anyway so today I have my driving lesson and don’t know the instructors number because it was stored on the phone and I couldn’t retrieve it – anyway I’ll have to make a plan. All in all having no phone hasn’t been as challenging as I imagined, but it is a rather vital tool to modern living.

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