Saturday, March 14, 2009

200 Visitors for Fabulosity - Cape Town

Hmm didnt expect this number to come up this high so soon - now i'm wondering if i should have a party to celebrate the 200 visitors or should i wait till i perhaps hit 500? if i ever do...having an unexpectedly awesome time in Tulbagh, very interesting things have happened and made me realise i actually like my colleagues :-) There's a new nice man, he's gonna be the team leader, very nice except has an Australian accent so you cant help but wanna mock him all the time.
Anyway have had a great 2 days here, even though i missed Cape Town so much, all the parties i had to miss especially tonight, i'm having a great time here and sort of makes it all worth it - the Team Building was actually very successful, well with winning me over for one - its a first for me to hold such positive views for these things...

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