Thursday, March 5, 2009

Song Of The Day: Daughtry - Feels Like The First Time

Today's song is not all that new, and i've always liked it but this past week, its been on my mind more than ever - and it make me get the Daughtry album, the song was recorded late last year when Chris Daughtry joined CNN’s League of First Time Voters by contributing a cover of the Foreigner’s classic, “Feels Like the First Time". The song was used as the soundtrack to special reports throughout CNN’s election coverage focusing on first time votes during the past US election (Barack Obama and John McCain). “Getting to rerecord a classic song like this was a real honour for us, and we hope it helps inspire people to vote" said Daughtry after their first performance of the song. Even Foreigner’s Mick Jones approved of the new version, saying “Daughtry’s version of the song is very cool and has more than captured the essence of the original.” The song has an election-themed video (youtube ;). The song is featured on the Daughtry Deluxe reissue already out now.

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