Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Special Report: SA Election 2009 Survey Results

The African National Congress remains the most popular party among voters with 47% support, according to the latest Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) survey published on Tuesday.The Democratic Alliance seems on course to maintain its official opposition status with 7% of the electorate supporting the party, the HSRC said in a statement.More voters, at 3%, expressed preference for the newly formed Congress of the People over the other old, established parties such as the Inkatha Freedom Party and the Independent Democrats with 2% and 1% respectively.The data was gathered in mid-December 2008 as part of the 2008 round of the annual SA Social Attitudes Survey, conducted by the council since 2003.The survey was conducted among a nationally representative sample of 6 613 South Africans comprising 58% female and 42% male participants - 60% blacks, 17% coloureds, 11% Indians/Asians and 13% whites.

More than half of the electorate in five provinces indicated they would vote for the ANC.The party was most popular in Limpopo (79%) followed by Mpumalanga (68%), North West (57%), Eastern Cape (55%), and the Free State (52%). The Western Cape was evenly contested by the ANC and the DA with each getting 20%.In the other three provinces, Northern Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, the ANC remained the most popular choice among the electorate.Cope and the DA vied for second-most popular party in the Eastern Cape, with both getting 4% support.The DA had the edge over Cope and the rest of the opposition parties in Northern Cape (13%), Gauteng (10%), North West (7%) and in the Free State, where it was the second-most popular party.KwaZulu-Natal remained the IFP stronghold at 9%.

National support for the ANC was particularly strong among women, at 50%, compared to 45% among men, and those with no schooling (63%), decreasing gradually with an increase in education levels.Conversely, support for the DA and Cope increased with increases in education levels.

Blacks remained the core constituency for the ANC with 58% saying they would vote for the ruling party.The DA had its support base among the whites (39%), coloureds (21%) and Indians/Asians (8%).Support for Cope was evenly spread across the race groups with 4% among whites, and 3% each among blacks, Indians/Asians and coloureds.The ID had its strongest support among coloureds (5%), and the IFP among blacks(2%).Of the total electorate, 12% indicated they would not vote, 13% were uncertain or did not know which party they would vote for, while 12% refused to answer.
Story courtesy of News24


  1. I read an article today saying that the DA have a lead in the western Cape- thank goodness :-)

  2. Then kept their lead and have won the western cape.