Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Had A Chimichanga and Now I'm Sh*tting!

Its quite simple really - i went to dinner last night with a friend, after our French lesson we decided, ag, why drive all the way home when we could take a stroll up Long Street and find a neighbourhood place to eat - well we did just off long - a Mexican restaurant called Mexican Kitchen called our names, we sat outside, made corny, if not slightly inappropriate Mexican jokes and had a wonderful meal that arrived at a staggering 3.5 mins (no kidding) after we ordered - i worried - i'm used to places i have to wait a good 10 mins, minimum, for my meal, especially when it involved this much beef - anyway i had a Chimichang, purely for amusement sake - a chimichanga is a popular Mexican dish which is basically a deep friend burrito - wasn't as tasty as anticipated but still enjoyable - except today i'm paying the usual Mexican price. Ask anyone who's ever been out for Mexican food - they'll tell you they had a runny tummy the next day - I'm no exception, have had a serious case of the sh*ts since i got to work, its exhausting! So next time i'll be sure to stay clear of the anything with an amusing name! The restaurant as a whole was charming with very authentic slash kitch-y decor. I'm definitely gonna go back there for some Margaritas & Sombreros.
UPDATE: Okay this minor situation I seem to have on my hands seems to be getting worse, just now i was in a meeting with the Director and i could feel the surge, anticipating a charge, I had to stand up and say: ''Tim, I'm sorry but if i dont leave now something rather unseemly might take place'', he looked puzzled, I had little time to explain, I bee-lined for the loo! To think that i ordered this purely for a laugh, who's laughing now.

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