Friday, March 20, 2009

Fabulosity: All In A Capetonian's Night Out

What’s a typical Capetonians evening? Does he leave work close to 19h00, rush home, shower and get dolled up and head to the theatre with a lady friend to spend an unforgettable evening with housewife, superstar and international style icon Dame Edna Everidge - as portrayed by Mr Ceri Dupree - a gas of a show, most hilarious show of its kind! With Dame Edna at certain parts of the show use the audience as inspiration for his repertoire, at some point my friend was called on stage to portray a nun, I died, for her – but she survived, she was such a great sport, and took to the nun role as a duck to water, which couldn’t have been difficult, what with being a good Catholic girl and all ;) Once wet with laughter, does the Capetonian head to Fork for dinner, make them open even when they were getting ready to close, at 23h30, then after that does he head to K.I.N.K Bar Boutique, owned by a friend he once lived with. KINK Bar is a sensual and du jour concept tucked away secretly in a beautiful vintage building at 3 Park Road offering clients evenings of boutique burlesque shows. The newly refurbished boutique boudoirs upstairs section offers the adult market some sex-enablers (all very tastefully & exorbitant;), while leading the tableaux vivant entertainment in the exquisitely designed downstairs. Evening shows focus on the ancient art of theatrical tease-cabaret nights. Is this an idea of a typical Cape Town evening? Perhaps not, but this was my evening of fabulosity last night!

Fabulosity Tip: Guys looking to impress their girlfriends need to visit K.I.N.K Bar Boutique and get your missus a pair of sexy lingerie.

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