Friday, March 6, 2009

Gutsy Move of the day: Rocking shorts to work!

Okay so yesterday was Cape Towns hottest day of the year so far - about 38 degrees, and man was it unpleasant to be at work on such a day, anyway to ensure this discomfort doesn't repeat itself i decided i'd wear shorts to work today - with a formal shirt, tucked in, the whole look is actually passing for decent work gear, except it might be too street, think Burberry or even Dolce & Gabbana just without the tie ;) And so far so good - am still awaiting to see how management will receive this gutsy move. Lets hope i'm still employed come Monday!

Pic - Dolce & Gabbana on the left - DSquared center & right.


  1. Perks of doing the sort of work I do are: You can wear anything to work so long as you look presentable, be it jeans, golf shirts etc. Friday is casual day: company policy; you can rock up in absolutely anything (reasonable, of course)!

    Some even come in fishing shorts (EVERY day, that is!!)

  2. dude.... it reached 45 degrees in Cape Town CBD mid day yesterday.

    and i have photos of temp gauge in car at 4pm and it measured the temp at 40.5 degrees.

    now thats crazy - makes you wanna be at work all day just for the awesomme aircon hehehe

  3. LOL 40.5, i cant wait for winter!!!
    Strangely i feel hotter today than i did yesterday - wow - its hot!