Tuesday, March 24, 2009

At The Movies: Marley & Me

Adapted from John Grogan's debut bestselling book, Marley & Me is a painfully realistic portrayal of life and death as seen through the relationship of a young writer "John Grogan" (Owen Wilson) and his loyal Labrador retriever companion Marley. Firstly i'd like to acknowldge that i wasn't expecting much from this movie which turned out to be a very heart-warming saga of the most incorrigible dog ever captured on film is excellent entertainment, although parents should keep in mind very young children may be disturbed by the heartbreaking ending, which had grown men - myself included - almost in tears (i never tear in movies) after laughing hysterically for 90 minutes. Jennifer Aniston is as charming as ever, outstanding subtle performance, almost like she threw down the script and assumed the character of Jennifer Grogan, and Owen Wilson manages to subdue his frequently snide and wise-alecky persona long enough to offer an great performance. This isn't just the story of a dog with behaviour problems; it's a charming portrait of a marriage as the couple navigates their way through life while dealing with tragedy, financial difficulties, and the joys and frustrations of parenthood, in addition to that very energetic, chaotic but lovable yellow Lab.I can't find words to make it not sound like another dog movie, so just trust me and go see it - its great!
Random fact: The movie is by the creators of The Devil Wears Prada

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  1. seriously... it has a sad ending!!!!! gotta see it :)