Friday, March 6, 2009

Scent Of The Moment: Power by Kenzo

Last night after dinner with a colleague of mine, I went to purchase a new fragrance, it’s never an easy decision, I almost bought two, I was so torn, but settled for Power by Kenzo! I’m wearing it today for the first time and reviewing!
With Power, Kenzo taps into the trend in male fragrances, which have a more evolved view of what mucho means, which believes that "charismatic" is not synonymous with "aggressive", and that understated power is as real and attractive as the more obvious kind. Fleur du Male, Fahrenheit 32, Gucci Pour Homme II, the trio of Dior colognes (which two of them make my top 10 list of all time favourites fragrances I’ve worn, Dior Homme & Dior Sport) and above all Dior Homme are the examples of such "understated masculinity". Like Dior Homme, Kenzo Power was created by Olivier Polge and is the only one of Polge’re recent offerings I haven’t worn, and like the former, it is "a flower for men". In Dior's case, the flower was iris; which I adore, if only that fragrance had better silage, that’d be me, eternally, well for Kenzo, Polge conjures up an imaginary blossom.
Kenzo Power begins with strong vanilla bergamot accented with light coriander and cardamom. After the citrus and spice opening, comes the “abstract floral” accord, which is the imaginary blossom - smells a little like green tea and a little like what my undeveloped olfactory cells can only described as a hygrophyte of some sort. Overall, Kenzo Power’s flower smells fresh-aquatic and artificial, as it should. On fabric, the bergamot opening (the best phase) lasts and lasts and when the flower accord kicks in, it takes up residence in the fabric for hours, remaining bright and blending seamlessly with the spices and wood notes that make it a masculine fragrance. On skin, Kenzo Power begins to disintegrate and fade within 40 minutes, but this could also be the mix with my lotion & shower gel that fragments the molecular composition.
Ad phrase: “an imaginary flower in the heart of a woody amber-y fragrance”

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