Monday, March 30, 2009

Can anyone identify this beautiful bike for me?

OK, this will be a weird post because i have no idea what i'm blogging about - basically when me and a friend went out for breakfast yesterday morning at a cafe next to our apartment, we saw this BIG bike, which is more long than big, one cant really make out the size form this picture but if you try, do you realise the back wheel, which is smaller than the front one, is the same size as the door, side ways, so imagine how big this bike was, i have no clue what its called or what type of bike it is - so just letting you know i spotted things and thought it was quite a beauty and wothy of a blog post, non?
Pic by me, Sunday morning, 29th March, around 11am next to Giovanni's, Green Point, Cape Town!
Anyone who can help me identify the name of this bike, please do...


  1. Wow!! Sheer it!!

    From the little that I know, I can tell you this straight up: it's a Chopper Low Rider cruise bike. It's pretty slow, not meant for racing or stuff like that. Definitely a luxury bike!! It's a 2 cylinder (I stand to be corrected) with cables 'hidden' somewhere around the horns. Custom made, I would say. It will set you back a couple of thousands, ranges from (roughly) R180 000 to R300 000 and beyond!!!!

    A thing of exquisite beauty indeed!!!

  2. I forgot to say, this one is strictly a single seater!!!!