Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Post: Ever wondered why is not Nissan Motor Company

I just came across this story - something i hadn't picked up before, mainly because i, ordinarily, wouldn't be interested in what cars Nissan was making, perioed, let alone going to their international site - but its true the url is not owned by Nissan the Motor Company, its owned by Nissan, lol, a computer company and now Nissan Motor is suing Nissan Computer for Trademark Infringement, Trademark Dilution And Cyber-Squatting. The tragic car manufacturer is seeking 10 million dollas In Damages. This is after more than 20 years of Mr. Nissan's well-documented prior use
of his family name for business purposes in the United States which he commenced when the car manufacturer was still known as DATSUN. Is Nissan really seeking damages or finding a way out of the shitty economic climate hovering over all car manufacturers
(as well as everyone of course)?

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