Thursday, March 12, 2009

South African Elections: Expats, are you registered to vote?

The Cape Town Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday that registered voters living overseas can vote for the National Assembly in the April 22 elections yay for them. They must notify the chief electoral officer of their intention to vote by March 27, the court ordered. Currently the IEC has not yet clarified whether South Africans living abroad will need to fill out the VEC10 form, which is the form those who applied for permission to cast a special vote submitted to the chief electoral officer and has also not updated the guidelines on their website to reflect the Constitutional Court ruling. Expats who have not yet registered will not be allowed to register ahead of the April 22 elections. Registration with the IEC closed on February 11. In terms of legislation, the window for new voters to register closes when the election date is proclaimed by the President in the government gazette. To check if you’re registered Expats can visit and enter their ID number and a verification code to check their registration details on line. Inside South Africa, potential voters can SMS their ID number to 32810 or call the IEC on 0800 11 8000.

- News24

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