Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cape Town Attraction: Clifton 3rd Beach

I think we can all agree that Cape Town is one of THE most beautiful cities in the world - blessed with an imposing mountain, Table Mountain and a captivating coast,that it's sometimes hard to pick one's favourite parts. So i find it easier to pick different attractions e.g. the beach and picking a favourite one. My favourite beach has to be Clifton 3rd, and no this is not because of its liberal nature and mixes of people, shapes, sizes, gay, straight, races, nope, its purely just for its beauty, it's small, enclosed, just the right amount of boulders sprinkled around. I took this picture a few Sundays ago when me and a friend decided to waste our Sunday afternoon at Clifton 3rd .
Fabulosity Tip: Try go on a Sunday, its not as crowded as a Saturday, and bring the Sunday Times as well as an International Fashion issue,preferably in a foreign language, that you don't intend reading, like the Italian GQ for instance, or a French book to practise French if you're taking lessons like me.


  1. what an interesting tip- and a lovely pic... i have tried going to the beach with the sunday times (my regular Sunday read) but i must say i find it rather tricky bringing a newspaper to the beach. Its a clumsy thing to read as it is, and when its pages are tempted to make flight or sand gets inbetween everything – i woudl recommend leaving the paper and home and bring a mag instead as you said – or a good book! I would like to read the one by Obama that he wrote before he went into politics... :)

  2. haha now there's an awesome fabulosity tip. u rock.

  3. Yeah true, the paper does get a bit much, but then again, isn't that the look we're going for?